How To Fix PS 2021 Flash Quit And Startup Interface Jamming Issue On M1 Chip MacBook

PhotoShop 2021 M1 version has been released. This article will introduce how to install PS 2021 on the Mac computer using the M1 chip, and how to solve the problems of flash quit and startup interface jam when starting PS 2021 after installation.

1. Install PS 2021 On M1 MacBook Steps.

  1. Upgrade macOS version to Bigsur 11.3.
  2. Download and install ps2021. Be sure to cut off the network during installation.
  3. After successful installation, do not open the software but check whether the Rosetta option of the PS 2021 is turned on or not. You can follow the below steps.
  4. Open macOS Finder, select the Applications on the Finder left panel, and open the folder Adobe Photoshop 2021 on the right side.
  5. Right-click the Adobe Photoshop 2021 program icon, and click the Get Info menu item on the popup menu list.
  6. Check the checkbox Open using Rosetta.
  7. Now you can double-click the PS icon to run it.

2. How To Fix PS 2021 Flash Quit And Startup Interface Jamming Steps.

  1. If PS 2021 is stuck in the startup interface, we need to forcibly exit PS.
  2. Press the shortcut key Command + Option + esc to open the Force Quit Applications window, then select PS and forcibly exit.
  3. Open a macOS Finder —> Applications —> Utilities folder.
  4. Open the Adobe Sync folder.
  5. Remove the CoreSync folder.
  6. Input the correct username and password if there popup authentication dialog.
  7. Now you can open and run PS 2021 smoothly after removing the CoreSync folder.

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